Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sick Day

Blech..I am having a sick day. For the first time this pregnancy I just feel absolutely lousy. I have so much work I both need and want to do, and all I've managed so far is to feed myself at regular intervals. I am not even so sure that it is completely pregnancy related, as I feel like it might be an onslaught of allergies in the warm weather coming on the heels of all of the rain and snow that's been around for the past week and a half.

A couple of the kids and I curled up and watched the most recent version of Cheaper By the Dozen. No- that is not a goal toward which we aspire, but the movie is a good reminder that amidst the chaos, there is an awful lot of joy and deep connections with one it's a good reminder that no matter how bad of a day I am ever could always be harder, always be more chaotic, always be more overwhelming.

What are some of your default feel-good movies? What movies do you reach for to watch when you're having a sick day? What movies help you remember that what you've got in life is oh-so-very-good?


  1. Shannon, I'm going to pack a lunch to take over to the winterville playground tomorrow around noonish (by 12:30 at the latest). i'll use this as incentive to get school work done in a timely manner! would love for you to join me. i think angie s. (gymnastics gal too) may join me as well. Hope you can make it!
    Ashlie (Winterville gal)

  2. Oh no :( Tomorrow is our cleaning club day, and we usually don't finish until around 1:30 or 2:00. I would love to go, and I am sorry we can't make it! Thank you so much for asking us, it seems like it will be a perfect park day today!

  3. *doh* Tomorrow meaning today...that is Monday...(I think I really ought to wait to write anything until I've had coffee!)