Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am so tired

I think God made some horrible mistakes when it comes to pregnancy and birth, beginning with how wiped out and tired first trimester pregnant women feel. I am sure there is some purpose to it- maybe to slow down, to learn to re-evaluate priorities and shift into the "what's really important mode" of conservation of energy. However, it seems like it stands in direct conflict to the needs of taking better care of oneself, things like eating real meals comprised of real, non-microwaveable food, like exercising or at least moving from one or two different spots in the house, like undertaking the exhausting task of showering and getting dressed each day.

I remember when I was pregnant with Andrew, who is now two, and I moved from my first trimester on into my second. It was as though Pauline scales fell off my eyes and I saw just how absolutely gross and disgusting our house looked. Normally I cannot stand anything on the kitchen counter for more than a day, and at week thirteen I awoke to piles upon piles of mysterious things to go through.

Overall I've been feeling pretty darn good so much so that I dread my sonogram a bit, thinking perhaps there is something wrong. But these past few days in the wake of our blizzard, we haven't been outside very much (I am actually, only today, about to leave my house for the first time since Saturday), the kids have all had sniffles, Andrew's nose has turned into a snot-faucet keeping him awake at night, my husband has barely been home and when he has he's had lots of work to do around here, the kids are all full of pent up energy...but until today have been unable to go outside to play. When we didn't have water, I didn't have any way to clean off the mud and muck which our yard has turned into since the snow has begun to melt.

I am in some serious need of some TLC, pampering, child-free time...that is if I could stay awake for it.


  1. Oh mama. I hear you. Let's try to work out something to get you some alone time soon, or at least some girls hanging out time with some other mamas! xoxo

  2. Shannon, if you can find a baby sit, we have a great guestroom. There is a baby around the house, but I promise to take care of him and pamper you.

    BTW, I saw these mentioned on the lotsofkids website and thought you might be interested. Maybe you have a handy harry somewhere in your family, and they say that the plan is easy to make. The plans are cheap and the materials do not look that expensive...

  3. I found some other ones that are ready made, but they are kind of pricey. The 800 dollar range is so far the cheapest I could find:

    This is a kit option:
    Some parents who made it themselves:

    Just thinking of you. Not sure if the ceiling is high enough for a triple bunkbed, but I thought it might be an option.

  4. Oh Eva thanks for all the bunk bed suggestions! I think our initial purchase is going to be a table and enough chairs for us all to eat our meals together without rearranging the entire house. I am trying to get Pat to agree to take me to IKEA....since what I want (It's only $240 for two tables and 8 chairs) isn't available to order online. Then I think second step is some book shelves (I want a whole wall or two--so that we can move the books out of the laundry room, and create storage there). Then third is dealing with the beds...since there is (somehow!) still room for Andrew and a little toddler bed in the kids' room...though bunk beds are what we're heading towards.

    LOL! OF course, LORD, it would all be irrelevant if You would send someone willing to buy our land.....and we could move....

  5. Shannon, Bill and I are going to Ikea by the first of April. (no joke) *chuckles* if what you need fits in th trunk of a car when packaged, we could probably pick it up? And since we still need to come and visit one of these days we could drop it off?