Friday, December 5, 2008

Water Update

Well we had water, a trickle of water, yesterday-but no water pressure. And today when my husband measured the well, it was a foot lower than it was yesterday. *sigh* So that means that we will now start the process of finding out or options as far as finding a new water source (no idea if they can drill from the existing site or if they have to go to a new site, or if drilling is our only option.) I'll probably start making some phone calls today--but I have no idea how that translates into a time frame for having running water again.The inclusive cost runs about $12 a foot, and in GA drilled wells range from around 500-700 feet, depending on where the rock is and where the water is. I have no idea what kind of financing is available, or if with things as they are if there is credit even available. Any chance you think we could get the government to bail us out??

Thank you for all of the prayers, the water, the diapers and paper products, offers for showers and other gifts towards helping us deal with this situation. For someone who has struggled all her life with feelings of being unlovable--I sure have felt deeply and truly loved this past week. I don't think I could have made it through this week and retained my sanity and sense of humour and hope if not for all of you. Thank you--from the depths of my being--and even that seems to so inadequately express what I want to say...

I will continue to update as I know more.

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