Tuesday, January 6, 2009

from a discussion- "Why Are We Tempted If God is Omnipotnet?"

"It is true that we will be tempted until the moment that we die. Life is just one big test. "

Life isn't a big test, I am sorry. I don't agree with that at all. We don't believe that all life is suffering. God isn't up there with his clipboard and checklist. Everything that happens to us is in God's permissive will- everything is for our providence--even temptations and sins. Those ongoing temptations and sins are a huge blessing, because they pinpoint areas of our brokenness and indicate where we need healing-as well as help break down our pride, which is an impediment to selfless love of one another and of God.

Life is just one big love affair--and our mission is to learn to give love and be loved (this is what Bl. Mother Teresa referred to as our universal vocation), which we cannot do fully when we operate out of our wounds and brokennesses. The sins and temptations which God allows us are gifts to us that we might heal and in time serve others more fully. We sin, so what...I personally think we put far too much emphasis on that--what does that sin matter. What really matters is that after falling- we cast our eyes to Jesus, ask Him to take our hand and help us back up, and we try to be open to what it is we are supposed to learn through that fall. Sometimes those lessons take a long time, sometimes the lessons are difficult to apply to our lives. The fall is so unimportant, the whole of eternity lies in the importance of what we do afterwards. __________________

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  1. Indeedy.

    I never got those IFB-baptists who insist on sin so much. God didn't create us flawless. I think He'd much rather see us repent and learn than see someone perfect.