Thursday, November 5, 2009

Michael's First Week

I will edit this over time as I get more organised and will eventually post a birth story.

Nearly my last day being pregnant. This was taken on Monday afternoon, Michael was born on Wednesday morning.

Michael just a few minutes old. Wednesday, October 28th.

Michael - One day old, Thursday Oct. 29, I think this was the day Sarah and her kids met Michael and Rachel brought her kids to meet Michael. Still trying to hunt down some pictures of that!

I think on 2 days old, Friday October 30th. Jennifer brought her kids to meet Michael. Kids came in costume so I could see!


  1. What a lucky little boy to be born into such a big extended local family with loads of built in aunties and uncles and cousins! (not to mention all his wonderful siblings) We all just adore him, and have big plans for spoiling him rotten.

  2. When we saw him he was one day old. I can't believe how fast babies grow.

  3. I know ! Can you believe how giganta he is already!? I hope you have a great New Years, Grace!