Thursday, November 5, 2009


The kids all had a great Halloween. My husband took them over to Jennifer's house for their annual Halloween bash. You can see more pics of all her awesome decorating and everyone's costumes at her blog. When I was taking pictures before they left Andrew insisted that he was NOT Captain Jack Sparrow, just Andy, and took off his costume. Once he got to the party and saw everyone else dressed up, he gave up his Andy personae for the rest of the night.

Andrew, errr Captain Jack Sparrow, was apparently quite the hit of the party. You can see more of that on Sarah's blog. My little Bernadette loved her costume so very much. She has been enthralled with The Wizard of Oz for well over a year now.
Tim and Jane, in particular were very excited to wear their costumes. Now that Halloween is passed, they both still can be seen from time to time in their costumes. Lucy, I think, liked being Alice from Alice In Wonderland, but most enjoyed hanging out with her friends.

Halloween was also 3 days old for Michael.


  1. yay!! you're back! great pics. I'll have Gracie send you the ones she took when we came over.

  2. You got some great photos of them all! I failed to get really good individual ones of my kids this year.
    I'm glad you are posting again- you'll be glad you did if only for documentation's sake.

  3. Congrats Shannon! He's adorable!
    Carolyn had almost the same Dorothy dress at about that same age, when she was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. My little girls now have it in their dress up box. Sure brings back memories...she will be 16 in 9 days! AAAAAAH! How did that happen?

    Brenda Kaes