Saturday, February 6, 2010

So that I don't Abandon My Blog--Birthday Pictures!

It's been crazy around here. We seem to have so much going on and Michael has decided recently that he wants to be held pretty much all of the time. I can type one handed--rather proficiently, I might add, but I still find it difficult to blog one handed. It's hard to focus, as well as to navigate added pictures and such.

Last Sunday Jane turned 7!!! We went to the mall to shop and get her ears pierced, the next day she and her daddy went out on a date.




On Wednesday Andrew turned 3! We went to Burger King for milkshakes and to play on the play place. Then he went to the John Deere Store and to Sears with daddy.



One of Andrew's coolest presents was made for him by my dad. It's a box which contains different screws and screw drivers and wrenches. On the other side of the box are the wholes for screwing in the different screws. Andrew LOVES it!





  1. That is an awesome present! When Ambrose gets old enough I'm totally stealing that idea, and having my dad make one for him :)

  2. It's so, so cool! I sent my dad some pictures from a Montessori catalog and he came up with the design and everything. It's so awesome. Andrew really loves it. He loves that there are real tools and real screws.

    All the pictures I have of it are on my flickr account if you just click on any of the photos on here. :)

  3. Oh yeah. I'll have to have my dad hook one up for Lyle too! Great idea!!

    Happy birthday again to Jane and Andrew! :)