Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saving Dinnertime

Before on here, I think I mentioned that my husband brought home a big table from work. We had a round table at which it was nearly impossible for us all to fit. We also only had four chairs, which meant every meal we'd have to pull chairs from all over the house to accomodate the seven of us.

For my birthday a couple weeks ago, my parents gave me the immense gift of 8 new dining chairs from IKEA. The only drawback was that they all had to be assembled. My husband put together a few late at night after the kids were in bed, but the day before my birthday Rachel and Jennifer of Cleaning Club Posse fame assembled the rest of the chairs while I cleaned my counters.

Now every, single time I sit at the table I am surrounded by love. My husband found us a table, my parents bought us the chairs, and my husband and dear beloved friends put together the chairs. I have hated, loathed, resented mealtime and all it's chaotic crappiness--but now when I sit down I fell like I have a little secret, and it makes it all a little better. As well as us all just fitting at the table, and not having chairs which either spin or are too low.

Thank you all for saving dinnertime in our house!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Alrighty---I Think I'm Back

After a long early pregnancy hiatus, I think I am feeling back up to blogging regularly.

Baby news: I am 20 weeks, which means halfway! Woot! The baby is a boy, who will be named Michael Francis. Everything looks good baby-wise. Still not totally sure where I'm having this baby, but the plans are beginning to come into greater focus. I have been feeling pretty good--but much achier than my pregnancy with Andrew. I am hoping to hunt down a chiropractor covered by our insurance over the next week and see if that doesn't help.

Here's baby at about 13 weeks:

And here's my baby bump at 20 weeks (and my VERY dirty mirror!!):